El romanticismo en pedagogía

Emilio Hernández Rodríguez


Though the rupture of the glorious educational Catholic tradition comes from Reformation, we must point out the Newhumanist and Romantic movements as the cause, in the long run, of a very deep disintegration—just because their eminently popular characteristics—of the foundations of Pedagogy. Reformation, in spite of its essential difference of facts to Catholicism, held basic ideological concepts, as such deep spiritualism, heteronomous morals, the concept of authority in the educator, the docent authonomy in the family, etc., which gave a reason for the rising of different but not fundamentally opposed pedagogies as those which arise from the romantic interpretation of life and the exaltation of the same and therefore from the enthronization of antropocentrism instead of Christcentrism. In this work it is tried to give a concise view of this exaltation of all human things and this postponement of all divine things in education.

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