Algunas facetas del realismo pedagógico

Mª. Angeles Galino


An aspect of popular Christian realism is shown in this article such as it was understood by St. Juan Bautista de La Salle. It is a sound and weighed realism that does not pretend to absorb all the manifestations of teaching, for in this one he acknowledges very important zones where humanistic education cannot be substituted. This realism is rather an intent to graft health and life in the popular preparation that primary school must needs provide to a great number of people, who will never receive, in a sistematic way at least, another instruction. It is also intended to carry a great deal of irradiation to secondary teaching and to give them in many ways what has to exert its favourable influence in the liberal professions which are often overloaded by the individuals who come to them, not by an authentic vocation but obliged by the present organization of teaching. Besides other interesting points St. Juan Bautista de La Salle offers us that of the tecnical and professional sense of his educational work, which is explained by our article.

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