teaching materials

11 January 2018

The teaching of History (methodology, projects, materials), has undergone many changes from Rafael Altamira’s research
over the end of the nineteenth century and first third of the twentieth century through to research by innovation groups comprising teachers in the last third of the twentieth century.

This paper shows the changes and continuities in history teaching models, as well as coincidences and differences. Its aim is to present a history of innovation concerning the teaching of the discipline because, although innovation has been discontinuous and has been more or less present depending on the circumstances and the actors who have promoted it, its return always maintains the intensity of the original expression. Consequently, we believe that this overview of innovation, analysing noteworthy proposals, is needed to record attempted changes and improvements and ensure they are available as a reference point when attempting to understand current initiatives.


Cite this article as: Duarte Piña, O. (2018). La enseñanza de la Historia: innovación y continuidad desde Rafael Altamira | Teaching history: innovation and continuity since Rafael AltamiraRevista Española de Pedagogía, 76 (269), 141-155. doi: https://doi.org/10.22550/REP76-1-2018-07