teachers competence

1 September 2017

As a result of the appearance in 2007 of the regulations governing the degree in Primary Teaching (PT), it now possible that generalist teachers might teach music without having any specific qualification in it. This research is intended to ascertain the extent to which students on the Primary Teaching degree feel that they are enabled to deliver this subject, using an ad hoc questionnaire for this purpose, which uses a reference point the music education curriculum content. A total of 301 students from three public universities in the Community of Madrid were surveyed after they took the music module in the 2013‑2014 academic year. The results obtained support the data from other similar international studies (Hallam et al., 2009; Watt, 2000), which reveal a marked shortfall in the music training received by future primary school teachers.


Cite this article as: Cremades-Andreu, R. & García-Gil, D. (2017). Formación musical de los graduados de Maestro en Educación Primaria en el contexto madrileño | Musical training for Primary Education graduates in the context of Madrid. Revista Española de Pedagogía, 75 (268), 415-431. doi: http://doi.org/10.22550/REP75-3-2017-06