shared team leadership

22 January 2020

Leadership for online programs to date has mirrored the leadership style of traditional academic programs, however in the rapidly changing environment of online education, thorough solutions to issues need to be arrived at in a more rapid manner than traditional academic models currently allow. A newer model of leadership, shared team leadership, can help online education achieve those goals. This model can also increase the chances of program success by providing multiple perspectives on issues that allow the program to be more effectively managed. Additionaly, it empowers organisational leadership to rapidly respond as external demands change. This article will provide an example of a shared team leadership for a set of online programs that make them some of the most successful at a large institution with a major presence in U.S. online education. This model of online shared team leadership will be assessed, its pros and cons examined, and a brief summary of the impact it has had on the programs that it oversees will be provided.



This is the English version of an article originally printed in Spanish in issue 275 of the revista española de pedagogía. Please, cite this article as follows: Redmond, B. (2020). Liderazgo de equipo compartido de un programa online | Shared team leadership for an online program. Revista Española de Pedagogía, 78 (275), 89-100. doi: