research methodology

8 May 2017

This article considers the importance of the method in educational research. The method is necessary for achieving the aims of research. We present methodological complementarity and complexity and the firm correspondence between them as principles of educational research since science and research are, without any question, primarily based on the method. The field of education is an area of reality that can be known in various ways and that requires a global approach that might not be limited to knowledge of education as this provides only a partial position. Depending on the type of educational problems under consideration, knowledge of education will be required and the form of knowledge that is most appropriate to the object of study will be applied as it corresponds to the proper use of methodological complementarity as a principle of pedagogical research. The text concludes with a reflection on our situation as educators and researchers.


Cite this article as: Sáez Alonso, R. (2017). La prioridad del método en la investigación pedagógica | The priority of method in pedagogical research. Revista Española de Pedagogía, 75 (267), 239-254. doi: