qualitative research

19 September 2022

Scientific literature has shown that teacher characteristics and skills are one of the main sources of variation in students’ academic performance. This potential that teachers have in improving the quality of the education system justifies the importance of identifying the teacher-related factors that are positively related to student learning. This study aims to contribute to this purpose by analysing the professional profile of a good secondary school teacher from the perspective of students, members of school management teams, and the teachers themselves. For this purpose, a qualitative research design was established based on an analysis of the views of the participants. Five focus groups were conducted with the participation of five members of school management teams, nine teachers and nine students. Through both the a priori and inductive coding of the content of these focus groups, the professional profile of a good teacher was identified. This profile was made up of three teaching skills and seven personal skills, specified in 79 actions. The integration of all the participants’ perspectives enabled the creation of a comprehensive proposal of an effective teacher by capturing the nuances provided by each individual perspective. Based on this, new research and actions can be designed that contribute to improving the quality of initial and in-service training for secondary school teachers.



Please, cite this article as follows: López-Martín, E., Gutiérrez-de-Rozas, B., Otero-Mayer, A., & Expósito-Casas, E. (2022). Análisis cualitativo del perfil profesional del buen docente de educación secundaria | Qualitative analysis of the professional profile of a good secondary school teacher. Revista Española de Pedagogía, 80 (283), 493-516. https://doi.org/10.22550/REP80-3-2022-04