program reform

22 January 2020

Online Principal Certification and Advanced Teacher Degree programs have taken up an incresingly larger share of graduate enrollments in U.S. colleges of education. This paper discusses how a major educational leadership department expanded its residence programs to incorporate online leadership degrees. Having started in 2008, the program now has current enrollments of over 80 students including students from outside the U.S. The paper discusses overcoming obstacles such as faculty resistance, meeting state licensing and accreditation requirements, staffing online courses, funding and marketing. Leadership for the program came from the department and college where online learning was increasingly seen as a priority.



This is the English version of an article originally printed in Spanish in issue 275 of the revista española de pedagogía. For this reason, the abbreviation EV has been added to the page numbers. Please, cite this article as follows: LeTendre, G., & Squires, T. (2020). Integración de programas de máster online y presenciales en educación | Integrating online and residential master’s programs in education. Revista Española de Pedagogía, 78 (275), 53-72. doi: