Personalized education

8 June 2007

In this article are exposed the results of an investigation on the origin, preparation and elaboration of the voluminous Treaty of Personalized Education, directed by Victor Garcia Hoz, as well as on the most fundamental contributions of the Treaty to the field of the theory and educational practice. Published in Spain, they are justified the doctrinal and practical approaches that base the place that occupies this Treaty, of thirty three volumes, in the framework of the existing pedagogic bibliography. Between the most meaningful contributions of the Treaty, fits to mention: the concept of "personalized education", above individualistic limitations; the pedagogic approach of "the difference and the conjunction"; the construction of a "Map of the personalized education"; or innovative educational accomplishments as the Fundamental Objectives System of the Education., the System for the well done Work or the creation of a Personalized educational environment.

30 December 2005

Personalized Education is not a method of education or teaching, but a way of understanding education regarding the personal condition of man. Personalized Education in Spain has been built on a well defined image of man -that of the Christian philosophy- and follows a model of man that Victor García Hoz defines as homo gaudens, the man of joy. This image of man defines man as a corporeal-spiritual creature placed in the world as a person to be happy. The basic characteristics that distinguish the homo gaudens are: universality, reality vocation and optimism.


Key words: Happiness, Homo Gaudens, Joy, Personalized education, Victor García Hoz,