online teaching

22 January 2020

In 2008, Penn State University’s online delivery organization, Penn State World Campus, established a dedicated faculty development unit to improve online instruction. The Online Faculty Development (OFD) unit was designed to prepare faculty for online teaching through a large and varied curriculum of asynchronous online training courses built on the theory and research of best practices for online instruction. This paper describes the Penn State World Campus OFD unit, its mission and program, and the assumptions underlying its day-to-day operations.



This is the English version of an article originally printed in Spanish in issue 275 of the revista española de pedagogía. For this reason, the abbreviation EV has been added to the page numbers. Please, cite this article as follows: Boggess, L. B. (2020). Innovación en la capacitación docente online: un modelo organizacional para brindar apoyo a largo plazo a la docencia online | Innovations in online faculty development: an organizational model for long-term support of online faculty. Revista Española de Pedagogía, 78 (275), 73-87. doi: