nature of science

19 September 2022

This study analyses the attention to understanding of epistemic aspects of the nature of science (NOS) in Spain’s new science curriculum for the compulsory secondary education (ESO) stage, which was approved following the entry into force of the new LOMLOE education law (Organic Law 3/2020). To this end, the curricular provisions for the biology and geology and physics and chemistry subjects (Royal Decree 217/2022) are examined using qualitative content analysis. The theoretical reference used in the analysis of the document is the set of epistemic aspects of NOS included in the latest PISA conceptual framework for scientific competence. The results show that Spain’s science curriculum for compulsory secondary education is not consistent in either quantity or depth with the PISA framework in relation to the understanding of the epistemic aspects of NOS. In conclusion, understanding of these aspects is regarded as a minor or secondary educational challenge in the new curriculum for basic science education. Therefore, it represents another missed opportunity to give greater importance to such key dimension of public scientific literacy.



Please, cite this article as follows: García-Carmona, A. (2022). La comprensión de aspectos epistémicos de la naturaleza de la ciencia en el nuevo currículo de Educación Secundaria Obligatoria, tras la LOMLOE | Understanding epistemic aspects of the nature of science in Spain’s new curriculum for compulsory-secondary education since the LOMLOE law. Revista Española de Pedagogía, 80 (283), 433-450.