musical intelligence

1 September 2017

This article analyses the characteristics of musical intelligence within the framework of the multiple intelligences model with the aim of moving forward the relationship between the development, learning, and optimisation of these intelligences. The skills and capacities that are developed in interaction with musical intelligence are analysed as are the main lines of teaching work in schools, especially in the case of people with a specific educational need. Similarly, a brief overview of the proven effects of musical practice and the development of musical intelligence is provided, identifying some of the cortical and subcortical areas involved in these intelligences and the modifications that musical training generates, with some suggested criteria about its pedagogical applications.


Cite this article as: García-Vélez, T. & Maldonado Rico, A. (2017). Reflexiones sobre la inteligencia musical | Musical training for Primary Education graduates in the context of MadridRevista Española de Pedagogía, 75(268), 451-461. doi: