1 May 2013

As the society integrates the inclusion model in their policies and dynamics, Universities will also articulating measures to address and respond to students with disabilities, and technology plays a crucial role as inclusive tool. The convergence process among technology, disability and education, necessarily involves the reformulation of the concept of accessibility, which has undergone an evolution from models focusing on purely technological issues to contextual approaches in which the educational scenario begins to emerge itself as an own environment. This paper proposes an innovative model of intervention in the processes of planning and development of accessibility, which tries to cover the gap generated by the technological frameworks, providing an educational approach capable of guiding decision-making process in order to implement an inclusive culture in Universities.

30 November 2005

The subject of values and their place in the development of a person makes up the two fundamental elements of any educa-tional system of quality. This article, setting out from a concept of person, whose analysis permit us to check a group of values which arise from each of their dimensions, and whose development takes us towards the objective of a complete education. The values which arise from the same nature of human beings are the following: as we are animals gifted with reason and affection, there are corporal, intellectual and emotional values; as we are radically individuals, there are individual, liberationist moral and voluntary values; as a human characteristic is openness, the educational system must load also for social, ecological, instrumental, aesthetic, religious, spatial and temporal values.


Key words: Values, Model, Complete Education, Person