metacognitive strategies

7 June 2007

Nowadays, it is more and more frequent to find research on metacognitive strategies. In this article we present an experimental study about the student significative gains on some pedagogical and cognitive variables after implementing, the Repetto's Metacognitive Reading comprehension program (OMECOL). After reviewing some of the main theoretical foundations, we centre our attention on the description of strategies for promoting reading comprehension and on the MANCOVA student gains on several learning products and cognitive variables.

28 February 2006

Our intention in these pages is offering a review of the new learning assessment perspectives, and assessment techniques used in the classroom. These assessment techniques prove to be not only assessment strategies but can also be considered evaluation curriculum contents. Basing on this, we first analyze those factors, which have a major impact on the new ways of thinking and caring about assessment.

We present an outline of the evolution of the meaning and conceptualization of assessment in contrast with the traditional perspectives. In the last part of the article, we present various assessment strategies which attend to provide a response to the new concepts of assessment: portfolio, conceptual maps and the reflective diary.


Key words: Evaluation, assessment, metacognitive strategies, empowerment, portfolio, conceptual maps, reflective diary.