23 January 2022

Once again Spain has adopted a compre­hensive education law. It is not my place, nor am I competent, to comment on the contro-versial process leading to this legislation, nor to its changes in the framework for the provi­sion of schooling. The legislation offers an ap­propriate occasion, however, to seek answers to several questions relevant to every free so­ciety: What are the appropriate scope and limit of any government’s role, in a free society, in the formation of its citizens? How have these changed in a time of growing cultural conflict? What arrangements for schooling are best suit­ed to accommodating deeply-rooted cultural di-visions while nurturing the qualities that cit­izens should possess? How can these arrange­ments serve as a vehicle for both freedom and justice, especially for those children who are most vulnerable?



Please, cite this article as follows: Glenn, C. L. (2022). Pluralismo educativo y niños vulnerables | Educational pluralism and vulnerable children. Revista Española de Pedagogía, 80 (281), xxx-xxx.