8 May 2017

This paper presents an analysis of the process of integration among migrant young people in Catalonia aged from 14 to 18. For nthis purpose, a study was made, using a survey and four discussion groups probing the points of view of both the migrant and native youth. Results are organised around a model of integration based on four core dimensions: structural, cognitive-cultural, social and of identity; and confirm that a society which is plural in its beliefs, convictions and forms should be reflected in democratic systems and social and educational policies based on a concept of integration as reciprocity and understood as a fundamental principle in the management of diversity.




Cite this article as: Luna González, E., Palou Julián, B., & Sabariego Puig, M. (2017).  Reflexiones sobre el proceso de integración de la juventud extranjera en Cataluña: un enfoque socioeducativo | Analysing the integration process of migrant youth in Catalonia: a socio-educative approachRevista Española de Pedagogía, 75 (267), 275-291.  doi: