Human Dignity

10 June 2007

The personal value of any human activity constitutes the base of any authentic participation which itself is bound to human dignity. The essence of the participation is the fact that a person who acts «together with others» takes part in the performance of the activity with others, but without losing the personal value of his or her proper action in the process. This is the approach adopted in relation to participation in the educational community; individuals who constitue this community act together, according to individual possibilities, in order to achieve common and individual self-fulfilment. Participation is not restricted to representation in the governing bodies of those educational centres. Participation should be present on the most basic levels of personal cooperation both during the arrangement and the performance of scholar educational activities.

8 June 2007

The present society demands a new type of education if we want to create citizens fully conscious of their rights and duties. In a democratic society the creation of a good citizen involves preparing him or her to take part in the development of the community as well as enhancing the participating structures in which he or she can get involved. Education requires significant changes in focusing the methodological approaches and the achievement of major efforts aimed at the integration of global values in the process of teaching-learning.

In the dawn of a new millennium, we face the challenge of re-measuring the course of education. We must consider that, the strength of market and the successfulness of our democratic way of government depend on the vitality of our civil society, considered as the inexhaustible source of our being humans.