essential improvement

22 September 2021

This article aims to expand the theoretical basis of personalised education with the help of Leonar­do Polo’s transcendental anthropology. Specifically, it addresses the difficulty of arranging learning and teaching so that they can be regarded as parts of a strict duality, that is to say, exercises that cannot be done without both elements. This particular mutual reference or intrinsic opening enables per­sonalised educational growth, which is intrinsic or habitual perfecting, thus preventing learning and teaching from becoming disconnected as parallel processes that are only coincidentally related. Per­sonalised education, inspired by Leonardo Polo, is understood as a perfecting in common of educators and learners that each of them achieves in duality with the other. In personalised education, teaching and learning are intersubjective or social manifes­tations that are peculiar to the essence of each hu­man being, given that teaching and learning hap­pen in living-with others, with the performance of individual tasks in a secondary position.



Please, cite this article as follows: Pérez Guerrero, J., & Millán Ghisleri, E. (2021). La promoción de la coexistencia humana. La educación personalizada desde Leonardo Polo | The promotion of human coexistence: Personalised education from Leonardo Polo. Revista Española de Pedagogía, 79 (280), 457-473.