educational assessment

18 September 2021

In recent years, there has been a signifi­cant increase in international debates, re­search and socio-educational programmes focusing on youth empowerment. One of the main issues with this concept is related to how it is measured and evaluated. Evaluating so­cio-educational actions and projects is crucial in order to design, implement and improve educational practices that help young people to empower themselves. This article presents the process of building and validating a ru­bric, within the framework of the HEBE Pro­ject, for the evaluation of youth empowerment actions and projects. The methodological pro­cess consists of three phases: (1) Design of the rubric; (2) Expert validation by 17 practition­ers from different fields, 3 experts in evalua­tion and 5 young people; (3) And a compari­son by means of a pilot test with 20 projects or socio-educational services aimed at youth empowerment, in which 63 professionals par­ticipate. The results show evidence of validity and reliability of the rubric in order to evalu­ ate the quality of socio-educational practices, and also to design and implement actions that focus on youth empowerment. It is noted for being a validated and useful instrument for making educational assessments related to youth empowerment, and for its usefulness in generating processes of reflection that become the basis for rethinking and improving peda­gogical practices.



Please, cite this article as follows: Corbella Molina, L., Trull Oliva, C., Rodrigo-Moriche, M. P. y Úcar Martínez, X. (2021). Diseño y validación de una rúbrica para evaluar acciones y proyectos educativos de empoderamiento juvenil | Design and validation of a rubric to evaluate educational actions and projects on youth empowerment. Revista Española de Pedagogía, 79 (280), 537-555.