convergent validity

15 January 2018

Teachers’ digital competencies have become an essential aspect of training teachers to promote learning in their students that moves away from the knowledge transfer model and moves towards a talent development model. This work validates an instrument developed by the authors to evaluate the digital competency of teachers, in accordance with the current framework established by INTEF. A sample of 426 teachers was used in the validation process. These were approached through an online process. The total reliability of the instrument, estimated using Cronbach’s Alpha, is 0.98. The reliability for the dimensions on the «Knowledge» scale varies from 0.89 to 0.94 and for the «Use» scale from 0.87 to 0.92. The construct validity has been modified from an initial model with 5 factors to another with 4 factors and 4 sub-factors. The factor loads of the items with the dimension to which they belong are mainly above 0.5 and in many cases above 0.70. On the «Knowledge» scale there is only 1 weight that does not reach this value. The overall fit results for both scales show optimum results, with values lower than 3 for the normalised chi-squared index, values below 0.06 in RMSEA, and values of 0.9 in IFI and CFI. Data is also provided regarding convergent and discriminant validity that is significant and acceptable. The construct reliability for the convergent validity in all cases approaches 0.90. As for the discriminant validity, the proposed model is better than the alternatives, with small variations in the «Use» scale that will be the object of future analyses. This instrument will make it possible to evaluate teachers’ competencies and help with the planning of personalised training pathways depending on their results.


Cite this article as: Tourón, J., Martín, D., Navarro, E., Pradas, S., & Íñigo, V. (2018). Validación de constructo de un instrumento para medir la competencia digital docente de los profesores (CDD) | Construct validation of a questionnaire to measure teachers’ digital competence (TDC)Revista Española de Pedagogía, 76 (269), 25-54. doi: