boy’s changing voice

1 September 2017

The changing voices of adolescent boys were included within the broad aims of vocal music education during mid-20th century. During these years, teachers gradually shifted the focus of their work from detailed representation of their own teaching experiences to increasingly rigorous research studies. This research has collectively yielded many findings important for choral teachers and their students. With this knowledge, choral teacher-conductors can confidently guide all boys with all kinds of differences. Ultimately, the goal is for these boys to understand their own voices and expand their musicianship, so that they can partake in choral singing throughout their lifetimes, whenever and wherever they choose.


Cite this article as: Freer, P. & Elorriaga Llor, A. (2017).  El desarrollo de la voz masculina durante la adolescencia: una pedagogía basada en la investigación | Toward a pedagogy informed by research about the boy’s changing voice.  Revista Española de Pedagogía, 75 (268), 463-480. doi: