12 September 2018

Academic journals have undergone profound changes since they were established as the main elements in the evaluation of scholars and scientists in universities and other research institutions. The development of impact and performance indicators based on the number of publications and citations has distorted the choice of topics, the identification of audiences and the characteristics of academic work. Impact indicators and other metrics reproduce biases —thematic, disciplinary and linguistic— that exacerbate the degree of stratification among academics and institutions. It is important to recognize the traps facing academic publications and the distortions they create, in order to design publishing options that strengthen journals and the academic output that supports them.


Cite this article as: Ordorika, I. (2018). Las trampas de las publicaciones académicas | The academic publishing trap. Revista Española de Pedagogía, 76 (271), 463-480. doi:

1 September 2017

The aim of this work is to analyse trends in music education research from Spain through bibliometric analysis of the academic output in the Web of Science database, comprising 143 articles published between 2000 and 2015. Several types of variable were analysed: a) structural variables; b) variables relating to the topic being studied; c) variables relating to the sample; and d) variables relating to the research methods and instruments used. The results show increased representation of music education in specialised journals and broad dissemination in journals from related areas. The data indicate that both the number of articles published on music education and their impact are still limited when compared with other related areas. Measures are proposed to achieve a greater impact of the publications on the career development of their authors and to give the discipline a higher profile.



Cite this article as: Morales, Á., Ortega, E., Conesa, E., & Ruiz-Esteban, C. (2017). Análisis bibliométrico de la producción científica en Educación Musical en España | Bibliometric analysis of academic output in music education in SpainRevista Española de Pedagogía, 75 (268), 399-414. doi: