Facilitators knowledge of work placement in university students

María D. Dapía Conde y Mª Reyes Fernández González


The current market demands a high level of employability and the successful completion of demanding selection processes.In this article, we are going to present the results of an investigation whose goals were to analyze the own knowledge of the finalists students of the University of Vigo about of the contituent components/ stages in the process for work placement, and assessing the knowledge/ participation degree and evaluation of the own usefulness about the programs and services in this institution for promoting the employability. A questionnaire were distributed among 365 students in the final year in the different University of Vigo degrees. The results suggest medium knowledge about facilitator components for entering the productive world and lower about own programs and services of University of Vigo and making reconsidered the strategies were used.

Data collected by PlumX Metrics. More information on the metrics collected can be found at https://plumanalytics.com/learn/about-metrics/