Analysis of the perception of teachers and families of the values of socially vulnerable youth

José Luis García Llamas, José Quintanal Díaz y Mª Elena Cuenca París


Vulnerable youth in general are perceived as a group whose hierarchy of values differs from the whole of the population of young people. This article, based on our research, studies the immediate environment of young people and analyses the perception that families and teachers have of their values. The specific study takes as samples families that meet the criteria of vulnerability (n=393); non-vulnerable families (n=419) and teachers that teach different subjects to young people (n=516). The study analyses the degree of concern of these groups with respect to certain characteristics of young people which portray specific values or conducts that demonstrate those values. The results display a high concern of all groups for future employment and consumption of drugs and alcohol; whereas significant differences were revealed regarding concerns about the lack of values, lack of motivation, lack of life expectations, lack of responsibility, criminal behaviour and school failure.

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