Voting behavior in elections for university rector in Spanish Universities (2002-2015)

Antonio Trinidad Requena, Carmen Alemán Bracho y José Manuel García Moreno


The University Organic Law 6/2001 of December 21st includes relevant changes in Spanish University rector elections. One of the most important is the extension of the universal suffrage to the whole university community. University rector elections tend to arouse interest of the media in places where they take place, however, few studies have attempted to determine to what extent the same interest is living within the universities. This paper analyzes how have been the electoral process, attempting to know to what extent this legislative change has meant the mobilization of the university community in its different sectors and, at the same time, increased interest in turnout. Likewise, we attempt to know between which sectors has focused the support for the rectors and thereby to stablish some conclusions about the improvements of the change of the law during the last 14 years.

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