Formative assessment and learning outcomes in Secondary Education centres

Javier Gil Flores y Eduardo García Jiménez


In recent years, some authors have been questioning evidences on positive effects of formative assessment in the classrooms practices and educational outcomes. They have remarked the need to do additional research on this topic. This work analyses the relationship between formative assessment in Secondary Education centres and the achievement attained. The sample has been constituted by 250 Andalusian centres, where 2,255 teachers have informed about their assessment practices. Results confirm a significant contribution to the achievement explanation coming from formative assessment. However, it is relatively low if compared to the effect of other variables, such as the socio-economical and cultural status of families. Furthermore, not every component in formative assessment plays the same role. Practices that imply the adoption of corrective measures are the more relevant.


Key Words: Formative assessment, Secondary Education, achievement, socioeconomic and cultural status.

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