Elliot W. Eisners contributions in education: a paradigmatic teacher as teaching, research and cultural policy generator

Roser Juanola Terradellas y Mariona Masgrau Juanola


The article analyzes the contributions of Professor E. W. Eisner in the light of changes in the XXI century. Despite the large international impact of the proposed teacher Eisner, a lack of studies on their total work is evident. This article aims to give an overview, and ontological unit in order to unify the areas in which had its main impact and draw conclusions about his legacy. We design the profile of Professor Eisner, both personally and professionally, creating a paradigm for an accomplished university professor, justifying it on the slopes of: teaching, research and cultural policy generator. As a conclusion, evaluating also the criticism of their work, we value his ability to review and accept new approaches, as well as his great ability to anticipate needs that end up being educational innovations.


Key Words: Expressive objectives, symbolic forms, visual methodologies, Art-Based Research, Discipline-Based Art Education, visual thinking.

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