Spain: a reform of the Spanish University System is needed

José Adolfo de Azcárraga y Félix M. Goñi


This paper summarizes a few aspects of the February Report Proposals for a reform and improvement of the quality and efficiency of the Spanish University System, prepared at the request of the SpanishMinister of Education by a nine Experts Commission that included the present authors. The paper addresses several drawbacks of the Spanish university system, namely, the frequent duplication of Centers covering the same studies and degrees within very small geographical areas, an inadequate selection of university lecturers, a and an insufficient funding of public universities and research. Among the main changes proposed by the Commission, the following are considered: a rationalization of the university studies, the need for a fully external assessment of Spanish universities plus funding criteria partially based on it, important changes in the recruitment of academic staff, much greater internationalization, improved university governance, a drastic reduction of bureaucracy, etc.

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