Pedagogical ideas in Ortografía castellana by Mateo Alemán

Alejandro Gómez Camacho


This paper focuses on the educational ideals in Ortografía castellana (1609) by Mateo Alemán. He is best known as the author of Guzmán de Alfarache, the first picaresque novel recognized by that name.When studying the references to education and literacy, we first find the disagreement between past teachers and good teachers. The second chapter of the spelling De la ignorancia de los maestros pasados y cuánto importa la enmienda de los presentes, facilitando el escribir ortógrafamente" presents a critical analysis of sixteenth century literacy teaching. By exa mining Alemán´s pedagogical references, three prominent ideas are emphasized: adequacy of the material to the age and abilities of children, simultaneous learning of reading and writing, and a single typeface without excessive ornamentation for writing.

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