Lifestyle and Health Promoting Habits as Topic for School Education

Ludmila Fialová


Health prevention and physical activities are actually matching a fulfilled, balanced and self determined human daily life. This study was conceived and run in order to support this very important and necessary cognition and to involve the findings after all into a new subject in school education (Individual and Health"). The aim of our empiric study was the research of correlations between health supporting behaviour and selected personality characteristics within university students as well as the analysis of mistakes in their lifestyle. This revision created and summarized findings taken from three questionnaires concerning differences in life style and targeting themes of body image and health promoting behaviour, life satisfaction and personality. Only 40% of the sample (4 292 students) have the desirable health life style, most of students do mistakes (hypokinesis, smoking, alcohol, drugs, not regular doctor visits, negative attitude to the own body...).

Data collected by PlumX Metrics. More information on the metrics collected can be found at