Impact on the personal scope of the training of entrepreneurs into the school. Narrative research focusing on the EME program

Antonio Bernal Guerrero y Antonio Ramón Cárdenas Gutiérrez


The introduction of entrepreneurship in the Spanish educational system as basic competency, since 2006, is due to a European concept of education for the development of the entrepreneurial culture. In Andalusia (Spain), the EME program has been prepared to develop educational entrepreneurship.

We need to know what real impact is producing such programs and for this we made a narrative inquiry, a multiple biographical study, with students who have participated in the EME. With this research, we try to understand how their formative experiences have contributed to the formation of the entrepreneur in his personal dimension. The catalogue of descriptors of entrepreneurship competence that we have developed from the stories, in turn, we have synthesized in business and personal indicators. Study seems to infer the existence of a link between both types of indicators. Finally, the EME program will appear effective for the development of the processes of production and the spirit of cooperative, but not so much for other indicators of type business and personal.

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