Personalistic pedagogy and education for peace

Sira Serenella Macchietti


The preparation of this paper was prompted by reading a few pages on peace education by José Antonio Ibánez-Martin, which I considered as an invitation for me to confront myself with peace pedagogy that was elaborated in the last century in particular with Italian Personalism that fits in an anthropological perspective similar to that raised by the Spanish pedagogue. Therefore this paper is divided into three parts; the first is an introductory that recalls a few pedagogues who dealt with the argument" of peace education. The second deals with Personalism proposals. The third regards José Antonio Ibáñez- Martín thoughts on peace education. Finally I conclude with a few remarks and a proposal for a new understanding of the meaning of peace. The speech concludes with an invitation to commit oneself in promoting, through education, the ability and desire to build a great human family <based on truth, justice, freedom and love>.

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