Lecturers Learning Processes and Sources in University Contexts

Beatriz Jarauta Borrasca y José Luis Medina Moya


The present paper is the result of a research line aimed at identifying and describing the steps followed by competent university teaching for knowledge elaboration and manifestation. With this purpose, the processes followed by some particularly competent, fully experienced lecturers at the University of Barcelona is analysed to determine the set of knowledge and abilities which allows them to reach high-quality teaching standards. Thus, the present study attempts to identify lecturers sources of professional learning through the recovery of habitual teaching contexts which end up becoming invaluable learning and training opportunities. After putting forward the ways in which lecturers acquire and build useful knowledge on their everyday teaching practice, some guidelines for initial and ongoing training of university lecturers are also given and put an end to the present work.

Data collected by PlumX Metrics. More information on the metrics collected can be found at https://plumanalytics.com/learn/about-metrics/