Assessment and quality information in Physical Education: proposal of an assessments tool for Compulsory Secondary Education

Yolanda Cebrián Sánchez, Antonio Sánchez Pato y Marta Romero Zaragoza


The aim of the study was to design and propose an assessment tool which lets physical education teachers assess and traduce these results in useful guidelines for students. The sample was formed by physical education teachers from the cities of Albacete and Murcia (n=7). A non probabilistic sampling, based in a criterion was used. The design was descriptive, and was carried out through an interpretative cases-study. The study consisted in three different phases: 0) theoretical framework making; 1) the exploratory one, where interviews which experts were done for the obtaining of study indicators; 2) the selection of the items and the creation of the tool: HEVADI 1.0 (Diagnosis Assessment Tool) were done, HEVADI 1.0 lets to manage and to do an assessment from students and create qualitative reports from students assessment.

Data collected by PlumX Metrics. More information on the metrics collected can be found at