University scholars time management attending the educational modality: its psico-socials effects

Ramón Cladellas Pros y M. Del Mar Badia Martín


In the present research, we explored the relation between the time management of university scholars and psicosocials factors, as the satisfaction, the health and the stress. A total of 164 university scholars volunteers of seven schools of Engineering in the Technical University College of Catalonia, distributed in three groups, according to different educational modalities (presential, partly semi-presential and completely semi-presencial), they answered the questionnaire ISTAS21 of psico-socials factors.The results show significant differences in the three groups of educational modality in the variable satisfaction; and among the group with educational modality completely semi-presencial and the other two groups, in the variables related to the health and stress. It emphasizes the importance that for the university scholars has to be able to adapt the educational day to its personal and labour needs; in order to prevent health risks in university scholars, a greater establishment of educational modalities is suggested, like blended learning or a rationalization of the educational schedules.

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