The economic transformation of the Spanish university. Proposals aimed at improving the finance syst

Gonzalo Sanz-Magallón Rezusta, Pedro Schwartz Girón, y Mª Encina Morales de Vega


The article analyzes the funding system of universities in Spain and suggests proposals to improve it thus promoting Spanish economic growth and welfare. The analysis of different statistical sources from a new point of view leads to the conclusion that it would be desirable to provide universities with more resources through tuition fee increases.

In parallel, to guarantee universal access to universities the scholarship policy should be promoted. It also suggests the need to design and introduce a regional incentive system to encourage a specialization process within universities, and to promote their  contribution to the teaching, researching or social services provision functions, depending on the regional priorities. Besides these changes, it is also necessary to provide universities with more autonomy and to enhance and improve the competitive framework in the Spanish higher education system.

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