Jacques Derrida: perspective and currency of the Nietzsches anti-metaphysic ideas on Education for citizenship

Miguel Rumayor


The present article analyzes the educational perspective of Jacques Derrida´s thought, and more concretely its adequacy in the issue of the education for citizenship, departing from his anti-metaphysical foundation in Frederic Nietzsche. Therefore it starts from the philosophical analysis of the elements that compose the Derrida´s concept of deconstruccionand its importance as an instrument of critique to the paradigm logo-fonocentric. Derrida proclaims his critique to the modern thought with the exaltation of a radical subjectivism in where the educational subject is the origin and the aim of his own emancipation.
Finally, an analysis is done of the consequences that all the previous ideas have on the impossibility of articulating a pedagogy suitable for the teaching of authority in the education for the citizenship in our modern democracies.

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