Who should teach gifted students?

Kirsi Tirri


In this chapter, an overview of the discussion concerning research on the qualities of a good teacher in general and the best teacher for the gifted students in particular were reviewed. The qualities of a good teacher in the light of current research on effective teaching were presented. The main ideas of teacher thinking research were introduced with an emphasis on teachers pedagogical thinking. The qualities of a good online teacher in the light of current research on virtual teaching were reviewed. In addition to the desirable competencies and qualities of the teacher, the teacher attitudes toward gifted students were discussed. Empirical research on teacher attitudes were presented with cross-cultural differences among teachers from different countries. Some practical recommendations were made for teacher educators on how to educate teachers for gifted learners. Furthermore, some suggestions for future research were presented.


Key Words: teacher of the gifted, effective teaching, online teacher, teacher attitudes toward gifted students.

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