The psycho-social-educational relevance of the grandparentgrandchild intergenerational relationship

Jerónimo González Bernal y Raquel de la Fuente Anuncibay


Although at the present time diverse investigations studies the kind of relations taking care of variables like intra and interpersonal styles in the role of grandfathers, relations after a divorce, when they must exert of parents, or the type and quality of relation have been developed when grandparents begins a degenerative process. Nevertheless, are little the studies that demonstrate the type of relation and the roles that settle down between the grandparents and their favourite grandson granddaughter. With this article it is tried to contribute a general vision of the studies that on this thematic one have been made, presenting  to finish, the conclusions of an investigation that we have carried out, where we explored the relevance of the favourite grandson granddaughter, and the relations that settle down taking in consideration the presence of some psycho-social-educative variables. It will take us, to conclude, to improve the understanding of the phenomenon of intergenerational relation.


Key Words: Intergeneracional relationships, favorite grandchild, role of the grandparent.

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