Infotechnologies and Virtual Worlds. Educational Critique

Emilio López-Barajas Zayas e Inmaculada López-Barajas Perea


Information technologies are teaching resources that motivate students to learn today, because the techie culture" that permeates the very lives of learners and impregnates the social context of the environment in which we live exerts a certain seductive power over learners and citizens. At the present point in time, educational planning, projects and curricula depend on information technologies. This papers main thrusts emphasize the importance such tools have in digital literacy in the environment or context of todays knowledge society; the limits of the rationality of virtual worlds are defined, and a critique is conducted of the meaning of augmented reality; lastly, some future outlooks in this environment are traced. The critique furnishes an approach to the meaning that learning in human and corporate life must have in the knowledge society in the cyberspace environment of virtual worlds.

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