Information Technology and Innovation in Teaching. Concept Map Editors: Possibilities and Limitations

Mª Ángeles Murga-Menoyo


This e-learning article draws attention to the interesting features of concept map editors, particularly Cmap Tools, as instruments of innovation in university teaching. With the development of information technologies, the creation of this type of software has given a strong boost to the already-proved instrumental potential of the concept map technique in conventional learning environments. Information technologies incorporate new utilities and make it possible to extend concept maps to virtual educational contexts. After an analysis of the didactic potential of concept maps and the characteristics of editors, the article describes the specific features and applications of Cmap Tools, building up to an affirmation of the editorâ??s motivating power. Cmap Tools does a good job of stimulating student work, as supported bythe results of a pilot project run at the Spanish National University of Distance Education concerning adaptation to the requirements of the Bologna process.

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