Thinking about teachers thinking

Ana Beatriz Jiménez Llanos y Luis Feliciano García.


Multiple terms are used to refer to <Teachers Thinking>. This paper revise the theoretical models of these topics, their evolution (since the moment in which arises like thematic of investigation to the present time), the most prominent contributions of the different authors (Anglo-saxon and Latin American ones) and the differences and similarities among them.

Likewise, we analyzed the most prominent empirical finds and their advantages and limitations. On the other hand, we revise 192 empirical works in order to detect the most used topics. We intend to clarify the epistemological and conceptual view of this confused environment of investigation.


Key Words: Personal Constructs, Teachers’ Conceptions, Metaphors, Teachers’ Beliefs, Perspectives, Implicit Theories, Teachers’ Knowledge, Practical Knowledge, Reflexive Thinking.

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