The influence of teachers attitudes in the use of the new technologies

Bernardo Gargallo López, Jesús Suárez Rodríguez y Gonzalo Almerich Cerveró.


The objectives of this research were to analyze the incidence of teachers attitudes towards new technologies (ICT) in their use.

We worked with a sample of 296 teachers of Compulsory Secondary Education of the Community of Valencia, from 35 centers, and we used an online questionnaire elaborated by the investigational team. For analysing the data we made use of a double approach: univariated and multivariated (descriptive analyses, factorial analyses, clusters analysis, ANOVAs and discriminant analysis). We found three groups of teachers with regard to their attitudes towards ICT: two of them with a negative actitudinal profile and the third one with a positive attitudinal profile. The different analyses confirmed an important association between good attitudes and more consistent use of new technologies, at home and in the school. These results must make us conscious of the necessity of working teachers attitudes at the same time that they learn abilities in ICT.


Key Words: New technologies (ICT), attitudes towards ICT, ICT use, teachers and ICT

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