The process of educational innovation in university lecturerss education: a multicase study

Juan Carlos Tójar Hurtado y Antonio Matas Terrón.


The educational innovation projects carried out in work groups constitute a valuable strategy in teachers education. In this paper a multicase qualitative study is presented. It is aimed to advance the understanding of the processes involved in educational innovations. A qualitative analysis of five cases of university lecturers taking part in different work groups was developed.

Lecturers were selected from different degrees from the University of Malaga. All of them have been involved in educational innovation programmes for at least three years. Data were collected from document analysis, in-depth interviews, participant observation and field diaries. Results from qualitative analysis allow us to integrate different views and increase our knowledge on the internal structure of educational innovations. Conclusions regarding processes of educational innovation and methodological concerns are included.


Key Words: Educational innovation, work groups, qualitative multicase study, qualitative case study, teacher education, higher education

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