Teacher education in europe: by way of convergence

José Manuel Vez Jeremías y Lourdes Montero Mesa.


What is the situation of teacher education in Europe at the beginning of this century? It is not self-evident that we know all the answers, or at least some of the more important ones, in spite of so many specialised publications dealing with developments in European teacher education.

This paper provides some insights into what institutional teacher education measures in the 25 Member States are promoting by way of convergence. Teacher education institutions are far from being the same in structure, professional culture, curriculum development ... across the European Community. There is growing realization of the importance and complexity of the integration of a European dimension in teaching and teacher education. And, no doubt, the development of a European dimension as inherent part of teacher education is now linked by a common professional concern: the making of competent teachers, more transparent structures and educational quality.

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