The teaching-learning of an attitude of solidarity in the classroom: a work proposal focused on the

Joan A. Traver Martí y Rafaela García López.

The education of the ethical conscience, the teaching-learning in attitudes and values, emerges as basic mainstays on which we can base the educational proposals that tend to promote the attitude of solidarity among pupils. In this article, the education in attitudes and values, the solidarity as an attitude, and the cooperative learning, turns into the basic issues from which we want to base an educational experience of teaching- learning in the attitude of solidarity.

Aronson Jigsaw Technique has been the educational strategy chosen to design and implement our educational proposal due to the high level of relation that the structure of cooperative task, provided by itself, has with the supportive behaviour. With this study we mean to know better the results of the TPA on the formation / improvement of the solidarity attitude.


Key Words: Jigsaw Classroom, Cooperative Learning, Solidarity, Attitudes, Education in Values