Equal opportunities between sexes and educational freedom. An educational policy approach

Juan García Gutiérrez.

It is necessary to give pedagogical content and a specific orientation for equal opportunities between sexes (Equal in What? Equal to Why?)

The equal opportunities between sexes, in an educational context, must provide a space to overcome the discrimination against women on education, fostering critical thinking about socially dominating sex stereotypes, while guaranteeing the right of parents to ensure the education and teaching of their children according to their religious, philosophical and pedagogical convictions, as the Charter of Fundamental Rights of EU does. The State, with his public educational policy,  must, not only guarantee equal opportunities from a pedagogical point of view, but above all, juridical. It must also offer and guarantee enough freedom to achieve the pluralism demanded by an open society.


Key Words: Educational policy; equal opportunities; coeducation; single sex schooling, educational freedom.