Beliefs, conceptions and teaching in the university: a case study of professional collaborative deve

Beatriz Milicic, Graciela Utges, Bernardino Salinas y Vicente Sanjosé.

This paper presents a two-year collaborative process of «reflection-onaction». Its goal was to enhance professional development of an university Physics teacher at a Patagonian university, who had to lecture in a course of studies where Physics played no key role. The students were not interested in it and they did not have the background knowledge that the teacher considered necessary to understand the course.

This made his teaching models fail, and his insecurities and dilemmas arose. His thinking was characterized as regards Physics and its teaching and the reflection and action interaction. Finally, it was analyzed how far this process contributed to improve his practical knowledge and practice.


Key Words: collaborative inquiry, peer coaching, university Physics teachers, professional development, reflection-onaction, teacher thinking, reflection and action interaction.