The surroundings of the school

Jaume Trilla Bernet.


This paper deals with the surroundings of the school, which are described as the outside space of the school institution but closely related to the children's experiences due to their role of schoolchildren. Its aim is not the ethnographic description of what happens in those surroundings, but to take those events into account in order to reflect on their importance in relation to the different conceptions of what schools are and must be.

The paper has two different parts, preceded by an introduction and followed by an epilogue. At the first part, the surroundings of the school are considered as peculiar spaces of autonomy and for transgression. At the second part, different pedagogical actions schools have carried out on their surroundings are discussed.



Key words: school space, school environment, playing truant, school absenteeism, school desertion, city of children.

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