Pedagogy of the spaces. Sketch of an educational horizon for the XXI century

Ángel García Del Dujo y José Manuel Muñoz Rodríguez.


We are used to interpret the education as a phenomenon which happens in the individual, produced and explained in terms of interpersonal relations by means of words, relegating the space to a secondary place. The approach of the authors, however, is that spaces become protagonist of the educational process.

This perspective is conceptually and methodologically justified in this article and the basic principles of the Pedagogy of the spaces are also presented in the text. It is not the purpose of the authors to delimitate territories or spaces with regard to borders and to keep there the individual, enclosing their actions and their relations, but rather to find out in the inevitable space framework of the individuals with the aim to find there different ways of thinking and doing education.


Key words: Pedagogy of the spaces, Educational phenomena, Interdependency, Interdisciplinary

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